It’s no secret that some items move better at garage sales than others.  Your old bicycle may sell in a flash, but you may not be able to move that old painting your grandma did.  With that in mind, here’s a short list of items that experts tend to agree sell best at garage sales.

  • Kids’ stuff – Baby clothes and kids apparel are expensive to buy retail and tend to be quickly outgrown. Parents looking for a deal will buy up cheap kids’ clothes.  Toys and games will also sell well as long as they’re clean, in good condition, and aren’t missing pieces.
  • Furniture – Couches, tables, and chairs sell well if the upholstery isn’t shredded. Even if there are small dings and dents, customers may be willing to buy good wooden furniture and refinish it themselves.
  • Tools – Men often get dragged to garage sales by their significant others. Put out some tools in good working order, and watch the guys’ eyes light up.
  • Electronics – Stereos, DVD players, and VCRs are a good bet to sell if they’re priced right. Make sure you provide an extension cord or batteries so shoppers can test any electronics out.
  • Sporting goods – Items like tents and cook stoves are expensive retail. These items, in good condition, will bring plenty of interest.
  • Large Appliances – Refrigerators, washing machines, and microwaves sell well. Be sure to have an extension cord available so prospective buyers can plug in and test out items.  Even if your appliances aren’t working, there may be shoppers willing to buy your stuff and fix it up.
  • Yard equipment – Lawn mowers, weed whackers, and other such gardening implement will sell as long as they work.
  • Clean linens – Bedding, like sheets, comforters, and pillowcases, are pricey in stores and will sell well if they’re clean and well priced.
  • Regional items – If your sale is taking place in a coastal region, nautical-themed merchandise will sell well. If your sale is going on in a mountainous region, skis and hunting equipment will likely be a big hit.  Cold winters?  Skis, snowboards and outerwear will fly out of your garage sale booth – even if it is 100 degrees outside!

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