Recently, I've been wanting to go see a movie in a theater. It's an experience that somewhat died out after COVID-19, and I truly do miss it.

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Now, back when the Barbie movie came out, my good friend Lacey took me to the Shiloh 14, and we saw it on one of the standard-size screens. It was alright, though, the price of everything was... painful.

But if YOU want to watch a movie in Billings... what options are there? And what is the best option for you?

Here's the list of ALL our local (and short-drive capable) theaters that offer you a movie-going experience in Billings!

Babcock Theater

Ahhh, the Babcock. Talk about a living legend of a business. Around Billings since 1907, you won't find the latest movies showing at this theater... but you WILL find cult classics and legendary films. The Babcock also hosts events, such as the MINT (with guest BILL PULLMAN) from September 21st - 24th. If you've yet to experience the Babcock... you are 100% missing out.

AMC Classic Billings 10 - Rimrock Mall

If you're looking for the more traditional "Let's Go To The Movies!" experience, the AMC Classic by Rimrock Mall will fit the bill. Though, if I were you, I'd become an AMC Stubs member if you plan on going more than once a year. It'll save you a bunch of bucks... allowing you to see 3 movies a WEEK as long as you reserve online. And, it's $20 a month. So if you are a movie fanatic, this is a great solution.

Art House Cinema & Pub

What a classy joint. The Art House works in tandem with the Babcock Theater right now for their showings, however, they have a wonderful future plan to add a 50-seat theater, bigger pub space, a gallery kitchen for hand-crafted pizza, sandwiches, and more... and ANOTHER theater, with 100+ seats, for live events and performances. I can't wait!

AMC Classic Shiloh 14

Again, the more traditional movie experience here, however, the Shiloh has more options compared to the AMC Classic off of King Avenue, including the BIGD! It's my favorite way to watch movies.

Honorable Mention: Roman Theatre, Red Lodge

If you want to get out of Billings for the weekend, or even the night, why not buzz over to Red Lodge and check out the historic Roman Theatre! Back from a week-long cleaning (and camping) break, this little hometown theater will have you smiling. Plus, you know your dollars are going to local owners.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have a favorite theater across Montana? Do you skip the theater and just watch at home? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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