So I am asking for your help once again. I really feel like I have been doing this a lot lately but I honestly feel like you know best.

My family and I are in the stages of looking at buying a home in the Billings area and the ones we have been thinking about have acreage but very undone yards. We're talking no grass, no trees, no plants, you get the idea.

We are the type of people the like all of the above.

The problem is, being still fairly new to town we are not sure which plants and trees survive the best. We would like to have a good idea of what works best so when that day comes we will have the knowledge of what would be best.

Billings is a great town and we want to plant our roots here for years to come. Whatever it ism it will be a place that we create long lasting memories with our kids. A place to call home...for a long time.

What do you suggest for the best results?