John Cena has been making the press rounds lately for his new PG movie, "Playing With Fire" which is getting generally lousy reviews. Read what Rotten Tomato reviewers said about it. But the more important question Cena fans are wondering, is what the heck is up with his hair? The internet seems to be going nuts about it. Jimmy Fallon even asked him about it recently, and John admitted he's more of a "high and tight" haircut kind of guy.

Twitter doesn't approve of John's new 'do either. But first, let's get another look at that bitchin' hairdo.

I don't know if his movie contract requires him to keep that haircut for a certain amount of time, or if John enjoys his new look. Fans reactions aren't great:

Or, to put it a little more bluntly:

Others are urging John to go back to his regular look, saying the dad look isn't working:

What do you think? Should he cut it off? Part of the weirdness is not just the style, but the dye job. That weird brown seems pretty harsh.  Maybe get some highlights or something, bro.


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