One of my all-time go-to snacks is chips. Mainly, chips and dip. Specifically, Ruffles and Ranch Dip. But after seeing how many different chips my friends have shared on Snapchat these past few weeks... It got me thinking...

What is the favorite chip for Montana overall?

It's a valid question for sure, but one that absolutely baffles my mind. According to, the most popular Chip Brand in Montana is...


Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Pringles!?! I knew we were boring (since a lot of Montanans think KETCHUP is spicy), but that really takes the cake. Sheesh.

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Though... it could be worse. How you ask? Well, our eastern neighbors in North Dakota seem to think the best chip brand is...


Credit: Canva / popchips
Credit: Canva / popchips

Welp, considering how boring popchips are... I think that fits the bill for North Dakota.

Alright, maybe South Dakota... or Wyoming are any better?!


Nope, they, too, love Pringles. In fact, a BUNCH of states love Pringles as their go-to chip.

Thankfully, the land of potatoes (Idaho) loves Lays. I also love Lays, but only the Salt and Vinegar kind.

As for the rest, here's the breakdown:

  • Alaska: Pringles
  • Alabama: Sun Chips
  • Arkansas: Doritos
  • Arizona: Tostitos
  • California: Cheetos
  • Colorado:: Funyuns
  • Connecticut: Tostitos
  • Washington DC: Popchips
  • Deleware: Tostitos
  • Florida: Miss Vickie's
  • Georgia: Lays
  • Hawaii: Bugles
  • Iowa: Sun Chips
  • Idaho: Lays
  • Illinois: Pringles
  • Indiana: Sun Chips
  • Kansas: Pringles
  • Kentucky: Pringles
  • Louisiana: Zapp's Potato Chips
  • Massachusetts: Cape Cod Potato Chips
  • Maryland: Utz
  • Maine: Tostitos
  • Michigan: Lay's
  • Minnesota: Old Dutch
  • Missouri: Pringles
  • Mississippi: Ruffles
  • Montana: Pringles
  • North Carolina: Lay's
  • North Dakota: Popchips
  • Nebraska: Pringles
  • New Hampshire: Tostitos
  • New Jersey: Popchips
  • New Mexico: Fritos
  • Nevada: Lay's
  • New York: Tostitos
  • Ohio: Pringles
  • Oklahoma: Pringles
  • Oregon: Funyuns
  • Pennsylvania: Utz
  • Rhode Island: Pringles
  • South Carolina: Tostitos
  • South Dakota: Pringles
  • Tennesee: Lay's
  • Texas: Takis
  • Utah: Funyuns
  • Virginia: Lay's
  • Vermont: Tostitos
  • Washington: Popchips
  • Wisconsin: Sun Chips
  • West Virginia: Pringles
  • Wyoming: Pringles

Check out the complete list from to see each state's dip of choice.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Pringles should represent Montana? Or do you prefer another kind? Let us know in App Chat or on Facebook.

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