It has been predicted that by 2020, the United States will experience a nearly 14.5 percent labor increase, making room for an additional 20 million new jobs as the result of this country’s growing population and competitive marketplace.

The good and the bad of this revelation is that change is imminent, and unfortunately, there is sort of an “out with the old — in with the new” type of philosophy going on right now that is making some jobs virtually obsolete, while setting other positions up to become more viable for the times.

Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was used to not only define the top 10 job categories most likely to fall by the American wayside, but also used to identify new positions that appear to be coming on strong within the next 10 years.

According to those statistics, postal workers are expected to lose more jobs than any other occupation in the country, with around 524,000 jobs falling to nearly 140,000 by 2020. Other positions that have experienced a considerable decline and are anticipated to eventually be rendered into nonexistence are those jobs related to the print industry, as well as many of those in the manufacturing field.

However, other positions are already experiencing tremendous growth and it has been foreseen that these newly relevant professions will continue to see increased opportunity well into the next decade.

A couple of the largest increases are expected to be seen among white-collar financial workers known as actuaries, and glass-setters known as glaziers. Actuaries are expected to see nearly 19,000 new jobs open up by 2020, while glaziers are predicted to see somewhere around 34,000 new jobs as a result of overall growth and turnover.

No matter what the occupation, it appears as if the great American workhorse is now facing the ultimatum of either accommodating and adjusting to the job market or being forced into early retirement or the unemployment line.

Top 5 Disappearing American Jobs:

1. Postal Service Workers: -26.4%

2. Sewing Machine Operators: -25.8%

3. Shoe and Leather Workers: -23.1%

4. Communications Equipment Operators: -22%

5. Semiconductor Processors: -17.9%

Top 5 Growing American Jobs:

1. Actuaries: 87.1%

2. Glaziers: 79.7%

3. Statisticians: 74.5%

4. Pest Control Workers: 70.9%

5. Interpreters and Translators: 69%


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