When it comes to those creepy, crawly little buggers that just never seem to stop invading our households (and for some, nightmares), which type of bugs really annoy Montanan's the most?

Google just put out a list of the most annoying pests in every state based on Google searches.  And overall, spiders are number one, including Montana.

According to the search engine giant:

We were curious as to which home pest infestations you're concerned about most, so we asked Google. They tallied up search queries from January 1 through November 17 and, understandably, spiders are the most searched, followed by mosquitoes and cockroaches.

To give you an idea of how we stack up against our neighboring states, here's a few we could share before we toss you to the official link to learn more:

California is overrun by cockroaches, our friends over in Oregon seem to have a huge ant problem, and down in Arizona it's all about those pesky mosquitoes.

Other states a little closer to us appear to have the same conundrum. Spiders cause the most frustration in Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming as well.

(For the full rundown of the "Most Annoying Pests", according to Google, hit this link.)

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