I would like to introduce you to "Arnold" the squirrel.  He is our neighborhood rascal that lives in my area.  I know that over the years "Arnold" has met his maker to the promised land of nuts and seeds many times over with a man-made vehicle.  We, however, like to name every squirrel that climbs into my tree to eat birdseed as "Arnold".

My neighbor compounds the issue by having a make shift mailbox in his backyard that is full of peanuts. The "Arnold's" of the world seem to like burying the shells in my backyard.  Yesterday, I took a picture of Arnold running across the street with what looked like a freaking tennis ball!  No nuts, no bird seed, a freaking tennis ball.  Then I realized that he actually had taken an apple from my neighbor's yard.

Now, I'm no scientist, BUT I'm guessing on the size of the apple and the size of Arnold, he is not going to make it across the road at a fast pace.  Oh sure, dancing on the power lines and climbing up trees is all fun and well.  But carrying an apple across a busy road?  I can only guess that I will have a new "Arnold" by the end of the night.  If you see something in the road with a smashed apple, well you know.

  • Do you like squirrels around your house and trees?
  • Why can't they decide which way to run on a street?
  • Has someone braked in the middle of the road for a rodent?
  • Do you like peanuts?  Just asking for a friend.

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