Last week I wrote about pets and kids who are in kennels and daycare centers for eight-plus hours a day. People responded, saying that there is really no other choice, It takes two incomes to make it work.

So, here is the question today. Why or what is the main reason you decided to have children. Does it fulfill your biological dream to create? Do you feel you have the obligation to carry on the family name? Does your religion tell you it's what's right?

Or, is it because it would bless you with the chance to love, nurture and care for something so special and give them the opportunity to experience. this thing we call life?

Will them being here make the world a better place? Will they touch the lives of so many others besides yours and make a difference in society?

We all hope so.

If you cant be there in their most impressionable years, while they are developing into this special person, would you have them and let someone else mold them? Your value to your child is worth more than any job can pay you.