Everyone in Billings is struggling around a snowstorm that is still dropping snow all over the place. Expected snowfall is predicted around 8 to 12 inches, so it's important to be able to find the best way around in this weather. Luckily, the City of Billings Public Works department is already working toward getting the roads plowed and commuters to work and home safely. Here's their full schedule.

When Will My Neighborhood Be Plowed?

According to the City of Billings Public Works Facebook page, they started plowing today in northern Billings on the Rims, and will continue through the following neighborhoods in this order:

  • Heights (Area 6)
  • Downtown (Area 5)
  • South Side (Area 4)
  • West End South of Broadwater (Area 3)
  • West End North of Broadwater and Midtown (Area 2)

The Facebook page also mentioned that plowing each area will take approximately one day to complete.

Winter Storm Warning Still In Effect

The National Weather Service in Billings has a Winter Storm Warning in effect until tomorrow (02/22) at 6 a.m. Temperatures will continue to be below freezing all week, and the Billings Police Department has also set their slick streets policy into effect. If you get into a minor accident due to the roads, do not call the police. Instead, pull over out of the way of traffic and exchange information.

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It's important to make sure you leave extra time for commuting in this weather and always remember to drive slower and safer in the snow. It's not worth it to drive faster and risk crashing here folks. Be safe out there.

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