To say we are excited for the Guns N Roses concert is an understatement. We are STOKED! It has been a long wait, but it is finally happening. Guns N Roses are making their fist stop EVER in Montana. And we are welcoming them to Montana's biggest stage. Washignton Grizzly stadium has been reserved for only the biggest names in entertainment. We have witnessed such amazing acts as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam.

Each show requires the football stadium to undergo a huge transformation. A transformation that turns a football field into a giant concert venue. It is not only setting up a stage in an end zone. It requires days of hard work to pull the show off properly.

Our friend, and long time listener, Mike Ross shared with us photos of the WaGriz transformation.

Guns n Roses stage build, day 1, commencing in 30 minutes

2 hours deep. Just made the 20 yard line.

2 hours later. 50 Yard line

DAY 3 Steel Build Begins



Day 4 prepare the canopy

END of Day 4

Day 5 Steel build 100% complete

Thanks again to Mike Ross for sharing photos of the wild transformation with us. As you can see it takes many long hours and long days to pull off these BIG shows. A huge shout out to all the hard working people behind the scenes. From the folks placing thousands of plastic tiles on the turf, to the those building the amazing steel stage. This show is going to be well worth all your efforts.


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