I have a co-worker that has a little coin box at her desk. When she first got it, she came to me and said that if I ever needed some change for the pop machine to help myself. However, I have never touch it and won't just because I respect other people's property. You know the old saying, if it's not your's then don't touch it. I believe in that motto greatly.

3 or 4 times now she has come to me asking if I have taken the coins out of this box as to which I have always honestly replied "No."

Yesterday it happened again only this time it was in email form and cc'd to the boss. She says that $2.00 is missing and wanted to know if I took it. I replied by email telling her once again that I don't touch other people's things and then I went to talk to her.

I asked her why she always thinks I am taking her coins. She said because she told me to and she thinks it's funny. I told her that I would never take her coins and to kindly stop accusing me. She then laughed.

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