I half-expected to hear Looney Tunes music playing in the background. Hunters just shared video showing a wolf chasing a coyote while a bull elk and grizzly watched in Yellowstone National Park.

The man that shared the video explained what he thinks he witnessed:

Yellowstone Wolves join a Grizzly and Coyotes near a carcass in Mary Bay as a Bugling Elk observes

That about sums it up. I'll add my own play-by-play.

  • A wolf is observing a bull elk on top of a ridge
  • A grizzly approaches the wolf
  • The bull elk bugles to sound a warning
  • A coyote decides to enter the fray
  • The chase begins

Amazingly, there is no carnage (at least on the video). It ends with the fleet-footed coyote high-tailing it into the woods while the wolf maintains pursuit.

As for the bull elk, perhaps that grizzly decided he wasn't worth the effort. That would be peculiar as I've rarely seen a grizzly with that big of a potential food haul not giving it a go.

This is just another instance of the wildlife in Yellowstone putting on a display of how unpredictable encounters in the wild can be and it all happened in front of hunters with a nice zoom camera so we could witness it all.

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