I feel like if I had a view like this one to enjoy every day, perhaps I wouldn't be considering yoga. I'm sure people that live on beautiful, paradise islands have some level of stress in their lives.  But I betchya' it's generally a lot less than what a lot of us are going through. I've been so stressed out lately that I am actually thinking about taking some yoga classes.

Apparently, the stigma for dudes taking yoga classes is starting to dissipate. That's what the internet told me last night when I started researching beginner yoga.  While it's still pretty much a 5:1 girl to guy ratio at most yoga studios, the numbers of guys taking up the sport (hobby? lifestyle? activity?) is growing. It just doesn't seem very "manly" to me. I feel like I need to be sweating it out in a real man's gym! With super heavy weights and lots of grunting and, "Can you spot me, bro."

Except I'm not a gym guy. I tried it once for a few weeks and decided, no thank you. Not for me. I DO need to find a way to get my stress levels down before I have a stroke or have a mental breakdown. And it would be nice to get a little core strength and flexibility. Yoga seems to be a decent combination of those things. Anyway, if you are a guy and have found yoga beneficial, I'd love to get some of your feedback in the Comments section. Thanks! Ohmmmmmmmmm.

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