When people in Montana use a term to address a group of people, do we say "you guys", "y'all" or "you all?" Well, you could just wander around long enough to tally up how often you hear any of those words uttered out loud...or you could let us share what we've discovered.

According to this very interesting map of the United States courtesy of Business Insider, we now know that these particular expressions do appear to be sanctioned within particular regions.

For example, in the southern states like Texas and Louisiana, the term "y'all" appears to be used much more often than the others. What's more interesting that the expression "you all" is limited to only one small sliver of America....the state of Kentucky. Perhaps they are the more articulate than the rest of us? That is worthy of debate.

The most popular term of describing a group of people is "you guys." This verbiage is commonly used by more states in the U.S. than the others, primarily in the western region including Montana, but also in the central states as well.

What term do YOU use? Have you noticed any locals saying "y'all? instead of "you guys" or "you all?". Sound off in the comments below.

(Check out the map that shows "y'all" vs. "you guys" vs. "you all" here)

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