This is a picture of my 85 FXEF. They didn't make many of them--they were a four-speed. I must say, that third gear would curl your hair, though. What I'm getting at is it had ape hangers, an extended front end, and I thought it was the coolest bike in the world. A four-hour ride on it was kinda hard on the back but I loved that bike.

Then, I got a Classic. My, oh my, what a difference! I was gonna keep the 85 as a bar hopper and the Classic for long trips. Well, as it ended up, the 85 just sat in the shed all the time cause I didn't wanna get off that Classic. One day, the Wifey says let's take the old bike, so I say okay. Thirty minutes later, I got the new one out of the way and the old one out of the shed (they were both in my shed kinda tight). Off we go and we ain't gone 10 minutes and the Wifey leans up in my ear and says, let's go home and get the new bike. COMFORT IS KING. You're never too young for a geezer glide.

Oh, by the way, that 85 FXEF--I gave it to my son who came up from Tucson to pick it up. He turned it into a cool rat bike. Now he thinks it's the coolest bike in the world.

sam talkington jr
Credit: Sam Talkington jr

This is my Classic.

sam talkington
Credit: Sam Talkington

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