A film we've been waiting for quite a while is finally ready to spring from the shadows: Adam Wingard's 'You're Next,' a home-invasion thriller that has made waves at various festivals across the world. (Read our very positive review here.) Today, the official one-sheet for the film is available, and it may make you sleep with the lights on tonight.

As you may have seen in the film's excellent trailer, the villains of 'You're Next' are animal mask-wearing psychos who pack machetes and crossbows. The poster only needs to show one of these cretins looking quite menacing. And, quite conveniently, the film's title doubles as the poster's tagline: "You're Next." All you need to know.

If 'The Purge' is any indication, audiences love them some masked home intruders, so 'You're Next' is coming out at a very good time. The major difference is 'You're Next' has collected rave reviews everywhere it has gone (it sits at 90-percent "Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes), so this could end up being a similarly unexpected summer hit.

'You're Next' opens on Aug. 23.


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