So one of my favorite past times is absolutely watching movies. I've always enjoyed movies and that passion for them was furthered by a wonderful teacher that I had in High School by the name of Lance Madzey. Mr. Madzey taught me how to further enjoy movies even beyond my already basic understanding of movies.

One of my favorite genres has always been the ones we all categorize under "Scary Movies". And what better month to celebrate "Scary Movies" than the wonderful month of October? So check out my very first recommendation in my new series right after the jump.

This is a movie that I didn't get the privilege of catching while it was in theaters, and that's a regret I live with to this day. 28 Days later was released in June of 2003, an odd time to release a Zombie flick if you ask me. It was directed by Danny Boyle and starred Cillian Murphy. This was the first movie that they really say put Cillian Murphy "on the map".

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The movie also introduced us to the kind of "zombie" you pictured above. This was one of the first movies to introduce us to the concept of the "Fast Walker". A kind of zombie that wasn't bogged down by the restraints of being a member of the undead and suffering from sever rigor mortis. While it upset some people who hold true to the classic idea of the slow walking Undead popularized by George A. 'Romero's Night of The Living Dead' movies, the rest of us were delighted and frightened by this new concept of a "Zombie".

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The story focuses around the main character Jim after he wakes from a coma to find his home, London England, to be abandoned. But as Jim and the audience quickly learn, he is far from alone in what is left of his home town. The movie is a gritty and realistic survival tale about Jim as he struggles to understand and cope with what has happened while he was in that coma.

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I can't advocate this film enough to everyone that will listen. If you're looking for a real good roller coaster ride of a scary movie, look no further. '28 Days Later' moves from 0 - 60 mph in the first five minutes of the film and it doesn't let up on the adrenaline and action until the credits begin to roll. The whole experience is made even more visceral by the movie's very realistic examination of such a far fetched scenario. The movie doesn't so much examine the, "OH NO ITS THE END OF THE WORLD, GET THE GUNS!" kind of scenario. It looks at what happens to the human condition when it is forced into such bleak and extraordinary circumstances. The results will have you cringing and gasping, and perhaps even asking yourself "what would I do in a situation like that?"

So if you haven't had a chance to check out this classic, then it's time to grab a copy of the movie and your favorite Anti-Monster blanket and give this one a try!