NOVA Center
The NOVA Center for the Performing Arts is offering up a youth production of "Gulliver's Travels" January 27th and runs through February 11th.
Rain On Snow & Ice
We are having some strange weather today. Was supposed to get cold enough to snow. Didn't happen we got rain instead so it's slick slick slick (depending on where you are).Just slow down and keep yourself safe. How slick is it? I busted...
Split the State?
There is a crazy story out that a group of right wingers in California want to secede from the state and create "New California".
Sunset In Billings
I like the clouds and the wide open sky's of Montana. I took this picture the other evening as the sun was setting out in my front yard God makes some dynamite pictures. Don't you think? Ain't Life Grand!!
Win This Coors Fridge
Someone will win this Coors Lite fridge this weekend at Tiny's. It holds about 55 beers and keeps them ice cold. Push a button and boom you got a Ice Cold Coors in your hand. All you have to do is head down to Tiny's and sign up and be present this weekend at halftime of the second game...

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