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Meet A 30 Year Listener
This is Nita she has been listening to me for over 30 years. Thank you Nita you are one of the people who have made it possible for me do do something I love for so long!
Pols Talk Mental Health
Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school has most of Montana’s congressional delegation and 2018 federal candidates speaking about mental health reform, but few supporting any kind of gun control. The 19-year-old Florida gunman– with a legally purchase…
Chairlift Derailed
Dozens of skiers and snowboarders were stranded high above Red Lodge Mountain after a chairlift cable derailed on Saturday afternoon.
Q2 reports that Red Lodge Mountain Resort General Manager Jeff Schmidt said the issue occurred on the first terminal of the triple chairlift...
Gas in Billings
If you smelled gas in Billings on Saturday, you’re not alone. The Billings Fire Department responded to a number of gas-related calls around town. Phillips 66 released a statement, saying they confirm there was a “minor unit upset” that is not dangerous to…
Billings Snow Budget Low
The Gazette reports that Billings’ record to-date snowfall once again activated residential snowplowing Thursday morning, and the growing public cost to pay private operators may soon drift into the red. Of the $420,000 allocated for residential snowplowing during the current fiscal …
New Downtown Strategic Plan
Last Best News reports that the new Downtown Strategic Plan will be made public next Tuesday at 8 a.m. in the Royal Johnson Community Room of the Billings Public Library. It’s the product of a year’s worth of work by Billings residents and the consulting firm of Thoma…
Another Montana Must-Do
We are pretty fortunate people to be able to live in the great state of Montana. There are a lot of things to see and do. There are some pretty amazing natural features that this state has as well.

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