It's that wonderful time of year again: St. Patrick's Day! The one holiday a year that's nationally celebrated solely through the consumption of large amounts of alcohol and parades. So you're probably asking yourself, "Where should I be going?" I'm glad you asked that question! Here's my top five picks for where you should take your merriment and appreciation of Irish culture.

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    Hooligans is the closest thing you're going to get to an "Irish Bar" anywhere in this town. The good news is that it's also just an all around awesome bar to hang out in!

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    Crystal Lounge

    While it's certainly not an "Irish Bar" but it's on the corner of the same street as Hooligans and it offers Karaoke! If you know a better way to wrap up a day of revelry with some boisterous karaoke than I'd really like to hear it!
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    Montana Brewing Company

    Let's face it you're going to need some grub at one point or another during your St. Patrick's celebration. Montana Brewing Company is our pick for two reasons.

    #1 It's centrally located to the rest of the downtown bar hopping routes.

    #2 The food is OUTSTANDING!

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    Rainbow Bar

    The Rainbow Bar is historical mainstay of Downtown Billings. They have the oldest liquor license in the state of Montana, or at least that's what I seem to remember the bartender telling me. My exit from the Rainbow always ends up being kind of fuzzy.


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    Butte, Montana

    Let's face it - I could sit here all day and tell you about what bars you should and shouldn't go to on St. Patrick's day. But we all know that if you're really looking to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in true fashion, the only real place you can go is Butte, Montana.