With 2012 on the way, you might be thinking about ways you can improve yourself during the new year. That’s a great idea, but there are plenty of places in Billings that can easily tempt you to stray from the commitment you make at starting January 1. Beware of the following businesses, they offer some of the best vices Billings has to offer. We’d tell you to avoid these places, but we love them so much we can’t stay away from them ourselves.

Speaking of 2012, how are you ringing in the new year?  Come celebrate the new year with us at the Holiday Inn for A Townsquare Media New Year's Eve.  Enjoy pizza, drinks and music from The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers, performing from 9:30 to 1:30. Get your picture taken by Clark Montgomery Photography. VIP tables of 10 will get a champagne toast at midnight!

  • Watch Your Weight – The Feedlot Steakhouse

    We’re certainly not saying that the Feedlot is not healthy, because there are plenty of options there for everyone. However, we bet you’re not walking out of there without undoing your belt a few notches. We challenge anyone to not completely gorge themselves at The Feedlot when they see one of those massive steaks come out on somebody's plate. If you can pace yourself, good for you, but bring us the leftovers.

  • Spend More Time Outdoors – Comtech Audio, Theater and Security

    Who are we kidding; you can freeze to death in Montana! Why go outdoors when you can practically bring the outdoors to the comfort of your living room? It will certainly feel that way with a new 123’ big screen with surround sound and acoustic panels in your living room (we’re not making this up, you can get all that stuff here). Besides, walking outside to get the mail counts as an outdoor activity, right?

  • Save More Money – Cadillac Jack’s Sports Bar and Casino

    Sure, just tell yourself you’re going there to watch the UFC fights. We know you want to hit those keno machines on your way out. Between the drink specials and the huge selection of electronic gambling games, you should probably set a limit before heading out there. Unless you hit the jackpot, in that case, we’ll meet you out there and the next round is on you.

    Jeff Kubina/Flickr
  • Quit Smoking – Cold Smoke Tobacco

    How are you supposed to quit smoking when there are so many cool things to smoke out of? Wander into Cold Smoke Tobacco and take a look and some of the most artistic, detailed glass smoking accessories in town. Cold Smoke Tobacco also carries hookahs and shisha, so you’ll know exactly where to go when you’re jonesin’ for that ultra-smooth nicotine fix that will bring this year’s resolution crashing down.

    Cold Smoke Tobacco
  • Cut Down on the Sweets – Ah Fudge

    Just thinking about handcrafted fudge is enough for us to run out there and purchase a few pounds of the delicious stuff. Actually, you don’t have to run out anywhere, they’ll ship it straight to your house! How are you supposed to stay away from the sugar when it’s so easy to get? Just tell your friends you’re shipping it to someone else as a gift, we won’t tell.