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Walmart Has Been a Huge Benefactor for Flakesgiving
I can't think of a store or business that I don't patronize due strictly to their policies.
I have restaurants where I have had bad food or bad service and I won't go back to for a while. I even have certain stores I try not to shop at unless I can go during slower times...
Five Halloween Costumes Billings Children Favor in 2015
Between opening its door on Aug. 30 until it closes after Halloween, Spirit Halloween in Billings expects to sell more than 3,000 costumes -- and that does not include the accessories such as blood and other gory makeup, props, accessories and decorations...
Cops’ Lives Matter
I'm thinking about starting a new group called, "Cops Lives Matter."
This hatred-filled group, "Black Lives Matter," I feel, is partially responsible for four brave policemen losing their lives in the past 10 days. And, where is our president...
Chalk On The Walk in Downtown Billlings Returns on September 19
On Saturday, Sept. 19, your kids will be encouraged to deface public property. That's right -- Chalk on the Walk is back.
In case you're not familiar, this event invites everyone to come do some chalk art on the sidewalks of downtown Billings on Third Avenue starting near North 27th Street at Soup 'n…

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