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A Billings Nurse’s Thoughts on ‘The View’
The clip above shows some comments made on the show, 'The View,' which many people found to be offensive to nurses. One of the most offensive statements that has been echoing through every major social media outlet is "Why was she wearing a doctor's stethoscope...
Billings Brewery Make National News
Who doesn't love a cold one from Angry Hanks? I don't know if you can trust people that don't like that beer.  Only open 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. but always worth moving around your schedule so you can make it there
Angry Hanks was recently listed one of the 14 weirdest Brewery locations&…
32-Year-Old Woman Charged with Deliberate Homicide
A 32-year-old female, address unknown, has been charged with deliberate homicide in connection with the death of a 25-year-old man outside Domino's Pizza on Main Street on Tuesday, according to Lt. Casey Hafner.
Shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday, Billings police dispatch received a call regarding an alleg…
Should Men Wear Ties At Work?
While visiting with some friends of mine who are all business professionals, I asked them if they wore ties at work.
My banker friend said that he did from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
The investment advisor wears one every day. And the outside salesman said that he wore it for appointments, but took it…
Flu Shot, Good or Bad in Billings? [Opinion]
Flu season will be here before we know it. That miserable sickness is something I'd rather not think about. It hurts, it's gross, lasts forever and is just a pain to deal with.
About three years ago, my family and I started getting the flu shot to deal with it...

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