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Roy Clark Dies
I don't care what kind of music you like, there are some artists that have an influence on many artists. Roy Clark was one of them. He passed away today at the age of 85.
15 Greatest Vocal Intros of all Time
You may have already seen our Loud Lists of the 15 Greatest Drum Intros and the 15 Greatest Bass Intros of all time, so now we’re rounding out the lesser-utilized instruments to kick off a classic track with the 15 Greatest Vocal Intros of All Time...
Smashing Pumpkins’ Los Angeles house show gets shut down.
Smashing Pumpkins don't officially kick off their "Bright and Oh So Shiny" tour until July 12, but the band got the buzz rolling with a pair of Los Angeles-based appearances this past week. The group played a club show at the Troubadour and later returned to a house where…
Thinking of becoming a musician?
The median income for a U.S. musician is just $21,300 per year, according to a new survey.
The Music Industry Research Association published a report built from 1,227 responses, which showed that 61 percent of artists had to rely on other work to cover their living expenses...

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