Billings Top 10 Buildings
First a disclaimer... these aren't anything other than the architecture I like best so it's not Billings most historic buildings (even though some are historic) and it's certainly not Billings tallest buildings.
My Favorite Vacation Photo
I made my escape from Billings psychotic weather this past weekend (if Billings weather were a person it would be wearing a hockey helmet and live in a rubber room) and took advantage of the great one-way rates to Los Angeles
BMX Park at X Games Austin 2014 Won by Hometown Hero [GALLERY]
Twelve riders took to the swoops and slopes of the all-concrete Skateboard Park course on Sunday in a best-run-takes-all battle. In BMX Park, riders are judged on the aggressive execution of maneuvers, difficulty, variety, continuity, originality, style, and amplitude (height of airs), and no one di…
Skateboard Street at X Games Austin 2014 [GALLERY]
The Skateboard Street competition features a street-inspired course consisting of stairs, banks, manual pads, ledges, rails and quarterpipes. Competitors’ sets are scored based on degree of difficulty, variety, height, distance and execution of tricks, along with continuity of run, o…

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