Sam Talkington

How About Some Sunshine
My friend is on vacation down south. This is what he is looking at and we are still snow rich. I think we should all head down south till it warms up here in Montana!
Meet A 30 Year Listener
This is Nita she has been listening to me for over 30 years. Thank you Nita you are one of the people who have made it possible for me do do something I love for so long!
Not Everyone Is hating The Snow
This is one of my many many granddaughters. As you can see she is not tired of the snow. I can't say the same for my Wifey who is pulling the sled! HeHeHe Ain't Life Grand!!
My Much Better Half
My Wifey was trying to win a trip to the Daytona 500 with a Bush Light Daytona 500 can of beer. There weren't many 500 cans and Mama got one given to her from a friend. (Mama likes Miller Lite but don't tell!) Needless to say she didn't win the trip to Daytona as it is this weekend an…
Jeff And Sam Workin …Kinda
This is my friend Jeff Howell and myself announcing the BMP Banquet not so long ago. Jeff is a great guy to do talking jobs with cuz even though I talk for a living, I would just as soon watch and not talk. Jeff he is a trooper he does most of the talking and I just say "you bet&qu…
Two Of My Many Daughters
It would be fair to say that I am a lucky man with many daughters. This is a picture of my two daughters that live back east. My two daughters and two of my daughters three daughters and my good friend Mr. B getting some lap time. I am very proud to say that all of my daughters that have children ar…
BMP Rookie Of The Year Street Stocks
The BMP Banquet was just recently and the Rookie of the year in Street Stocks just happen to be my Nephew Nathan Kenaston. His brother Devin Kenaston (pictured below) was the Street Stock Champion of the year and rookie of the year in B Mods...
Sunset In Billings
I like the clouds and the wide open sky's of Montana. I took this picture the other evening as the sun was setting out in my front yard God makes some dynamite pictures. Don't you think? Ain't Life Grand!!
Meet Larson
What nice pigtails he has and he is always giving me a hard time about cutting my hair. This is John Larson out at the first annual Snow Show. We had a good turn out but it was frigid at Huntly Veterans Park on Saturday. Larson was raising money for the Veterans and raised 1,200 dollars with 100% of…
More Rain/Snow Slow Down
The snow we are getting today tonight and all weekend is a rain snow mix. I am not sure what could be so important that people can't slow down a little when the roads are like they are. But if it's a funeral it won't matter if you are running a little late that wont matter either...

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