Sam Talkington

Ahhh Rain Not Snow
Well to my way of thinking the fact that it is warm enough to rain and not snow!!! Maybe spring is finally here. Hahaha Ain't Life Grand!!!!  Sunny and 58 degrees tomorrow!!!
The Adventures Of Soundman Pat From The Jam Castle
My friend Soundman Pat and his dog Sounddog Daisy have recently moved to Montana for an extendeed stay. Pretty cool now I have someone to help me remember all of those stories from the Jam Castle and the Legend band. Problem is he draws a blank as much as I do...
Had Some Friends Over
This picture was taken early in the morning over the weekend. I think it's pretty cool when the deer hang out at the house. The only bad thing is Mama can't have any flowers. That is what these guys stop by to eat. Mama say's we just ain't planting no more flowers...
Wow Could Spring Actually Be Here?
Looking in my front yard the other day I had a feeling that spring was maybe really here. The Wifry was pushing the lawn mower (wasn't any grass to cut) then she aerated the yard and put out grass growing goodies. I wasn't a total bum I was raking sticks and burning them in the backyard...
Even Earthworms Think No More Snow!
So far I have herd from 3 to 12 inches of snow on the way. This morning I took this picture. Even the earthworms think we should not get any more snow!! Maybe they should have a talk with Mr. Weather.
What? More Snow!
Rain and snow, becoming all snow after midnight. Low around 30. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of around 3 inches. This is the forecast for Thursday night!! I guess we will break that old record. Is anyone else tired of snow or am I the only guy...
Could Spring Actually Be Here?
Looking off my front porch today I had a feeling that spring was maybe really here. It has been a long nasty winter and I for one sure hope that it is finally spring with no more snow!
More Snow Slow Down
The snow we are getting today tonight and all weekend is a last (i hope) shot of winter. I am not sure what could be so important that people can't slow down a little when the roads are like they will be. But if it's a funeral it won't matter if you are running a little late that won&…
Deep In Thought
This is my number one son and I'm not sure what he is thinking about but it must be a massive thought. He is a beer man down in Tucson.(apple didn't fall far from the tree) I think maybe he is thinking about the new Harley he just bought! HaH...
Wet Sloppy Slick
On my way to work today I saw plenty of cars in the ditch. This is a wet slick snow folks slow down and arrive where you are going in one piece. SLOW DOWN people it's not a sin!

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