7 Wonderfully Awkward Holiday Sitcom Moments [VIDEOS]
As any true TV addict knows, the true meaning of Christmas is to give your fave shows the once-a-year opportunity to get all preachy and filled with holiday cheese, er, cheer. You may want to turn on the boob tube for a good laugh — but at Christmastime, you're going to learn somet…
Get Family Christmas Photos with Santa and Automatic Weapons [VIDEO]
Is that coal in your stocking, or a grenade?  The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona is offering a special way for families to put forth their holiday spirit. Gone are the days of hysterical children, trying to wriggle their way off the lap of a bearded stranger that smells like Marlboros and peppermint…
KULR 8’s Chelsea Rabideau Activates Time Machine! [VIDEO]
Ever wonder why Billings is called "The Magic City"?  Or just curious about the history of Downtown Billings? Chelsea Rabideau recently reported for KULR8 News that there is more to downtown than just a collection of one way streets and old buildings.
More Proof That Manliness Is On The Decline
My home computer has a ticker that scrolls across the top of my screen with news from various sources. This morning a particular story caught my attention. The title was "Guys Love New 'My Little Pony'". While whispering to myself "What The F#CK" I click…

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