June 2 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Prairie Tower Apartments
725 North 25th St., Billings, 59101

Additional Information

Prairie Tower is a complex for the elderly and handicapped/disabled. They believe that it is the right of those individuals to have a lifestyle that is fulfilling and useful. They set down agreements with each individual that promise to make their lives as enjoyable and non-committal to ‘outside’ pressures as possible.

The Prairie Tower complex is looking to put on a masquerade prom  for their residents for the first time ever! They are looking for donations of food, decorations, and any other prom related items to help them make this first time event possible.

If you can and would like to help, simply give them a call to coordinate the best way for your to volunteer your time, services or make a donation!

Prairie Tower Service Coordinator

email: prairie_sc@tamarackpm.com

Phone: 406-256-5708

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8a - 2p