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Check out some of First Financial Equity Corporation's Frequently Asked Questions here:

Who is First Financial Equity Corporation (FFEC)?

First Financial Equity Corporation is a fully registered broker/dealer with transactions clearing through Southwest Securities, Inc. The company was formed as an Arizona corporation in 1985, and its home office is located in Scottsdale, AZ.

Are my accounts insured at FFEC?

Yes, all accounts are covered under the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000.00 (including up to $100,000 in cash). Our clearing firm, Southwest Securities, has purchased additional security protection to cover the net equity of a customers’ accounts up to an aggregate of $100 million. This coverage does not protect against fluctuations in the market value of securities, including loss of principal on any investment or cash. The policy covers only customers’ claims for loss of securities that would have been recoverable except for SIPC’s limits. The policy is renewable annually on March 30th.

Can I receive my trade confirmations by fax or email?

Yes, FFEC offers its clients the ability to receive their individual trade confirmations by regular mail, fax, or email. Contact a broker for more information or download the form on Open an Account and send the signed original to the office.

How does the Direct Deposit work at FFEC?

Direct Deposit is an automatic way you can deposit or withdraw funds from your securities account. As the name implies you will be able to save time and money because your funds spend more time working for you, rather than in transit. Contact a broker for more information or download the form on Open an Account and send the signed original to the office.

Can I receive a checkbook for my account?

Yes, please ask your broker for the form that will allow you to receive a checkbook to draw on your account.

What is the minimum amount of money to open an account?

First Financial Equity Corporation does not have any minimum deposit. However, in order to open a margin and/or trading account, the minimum balance is $2,000.

What is my account balance?

Go to the MyAccount section of the web site to see a current depiction of your account.

I have a stock certificate, how do I sell it?

The signed certificate may be brought in to the office and then sold. If it is mailed in, for security reasons, please ask a broker for a stock power to mail a stock power for signature and return in separate mail.

How can I learn about the stock market?

Please see our sections under Books to Read, and Educational Links.

How do I transfer an account to First Financial Equity Corporation to begin taking advantage of flat fee trading?

We are happy to help with the transition from another brokerage firm. Please ask a broker for a transfer form, and one will be sent directly.

What books do you recommend?

  • Simple Wealth, Inevitible Wealth
    by Nick Murray
  • The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read
    by Donald R. Solin
  • Buckets of Money
    by Raymond Lucia
  • The Warren Buffett Way
    by Robert G. Hagstom
  • How to Make Money in Stocks
    by William J. O'Neil
  • Elliott Wave Principle
    by Frost & Prechter
  • One Up on Wall Street
    by Peter Lynch
  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
    by Edwin Lefevre
  • How to Trade in Stocks
    by Jesse Livermore
  • Methods of a Wall Street Master
    by Victor Sperandeo


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