This is the type of news that makes you think it's either a major joke on the internet or the head of Post has lost his fruity pebbles mind.

WWE Superstar, and fan favorite to anyone under the age of 10, John Cena is replacing Fred Flintstone on boxes of Fruity Pebbles cereal. Cena's mug will only be on 4 million boxes of the sugary breakfast (that still seems like a lot) and it's being reported that "Flintstone's starring role on the cereal box is going to be subdued because kids wanted some variety." We're going to take that as meaning "kids today don't know who the hell Fred Flintstone is."

Cena's deal with Post, makers of Fruity Pebbles, is actually all Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's fault. Ever since The Rock started referring to Cena as "fruity pebbles" on WWE programming, Cena has embraced the name. The makers of Fred's favorite breakfast approached Cena with the idea shortly after.

The Rock, responded in his usual way, humorously tweeting "I assume my royalty check for this is in the mail. #YoureWelcomeJohn"