It turns out that there is an entire unspoken world of secret menu items in the fast food world. I decided it was my duty to go and explore these possibilities  starting with my favorite fast food haunt - Taco Bell.

These "secret" menu items have apparently been a fad for a very long time, and have poked up in various articles all over the Internet. I came across a thread on Reddit while doing some "research" for another blog I was working on. As I was reading through all the secret food items I've been missing out on, one stood out among them all!


Joshua Price, Townsquare Media

Ladies and Gentleman what you're looking at is a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but with a Doritos Crunch shell instead of your typical corn hard shell. This was one of the items suggested in the Reddit thread, and it was the first one I sought to try for myself.

I wolfed down two of these bad boys, and the final verdict was Two BIG thumbs up from me! So next time you're at a Taco Bell, ask them to replace your hard shells in your Cheesy Gordita Crunch with some delicious Doritos shells! You're not going to regret the decision!

Joshua Price, Townsquare Media

Do you know of any secret menu items that you recommend I should try? Tell me about them in the comments!