After being out of town for a few days I came home to a completely barren kitchen. It was then that I finally decided to motivate my lazy ass to finally go to the much dreaded grocery store. Having returned from my adventures I came home with one of my favorite treats, Oreo Klondike Bars!

I also came back from my adventure with a gallon of milk because I have  a second love, Milkshakes. And yet I had not purchased any ice was time to McGyver this business! Because let's be honest here, how awesome is a milk shake on a super hot evening? Klondike Milkshakes here we come!

Since I was shooting in the dark here I decided to go with three full Klondike bars for this milkshake experiment. Now here we come to the most important step of making ANY milkshake, the ratio of Milk to ice cream (or Klondike Bars). This decision comes down to personal taste. There's two schools of thought when it comes to the Milk Decision. The people who like their milkshakes thin and runny and people who like them nice and thick. I'm part of the latter group.

Here's a picture with the Bars and the Milk sitting the blender. I'd tell you how much milk I put in there but I didn't measure anything. In hindsight I probably used too much milk in this Klondike to Milk ration.

Here is what I ended up with using the "Mix" setting on my blender.

Unfortunately my experiment did not result in very satisfactory results. The concoction was far too thin for my tastes. Going off my results I'd venture to say I would have to use an entire package of Klondike bars to satisfy my desired thickness in a milkshake. So for now I shall continue to enjoy my Klondike bars in there normal form.