Did you ever wonder who actually needs those signs on the airport security line, reminding lunatics not to bring gasoline or firecrackers or nail guns onto the plane with them?

Well, the people who run Mountain Jam might want to call the people who make those signs before next year's festival, judging from the impressive and somewhat scary pile of knives, axes and saws that were confiscated from concert attendees this year.

With bands like the Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, Tedeschi Trucks Band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and more performing at this year's Mountain Jam, we'd certainly expect certain... paraphernalia to be snuck into the festival, but not nearly this many potential weapons. And yes, we get that nearly all of this stuff was actually brought in to use as on-site camping equipment, not to dismantle the "karma wash" or do anything else violent.

Still, the official Mountain Jam site clearly stated what was and was not acceptable to bring to the festival, and it appears as though some people didn't get the memo. Regardless, there's no excusing the Rambo-sized knife pictured atop this page, right?

Check out more Mountain Jam confiscated goods below: