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Trivia Tonight At Tiny’s
Trivia is back at Tiny's. This season promises to be the best season ever of trivia at Tiny's! . If you want to have some fun join Tim and myself at 8pm tonight. The winner of each round gets a free pizza and the winner of the night gets a $50 gift card for Tiny's...
Last night was the State Of The Union Speech by the President of the United States.  I did not watch.  For many, many years I did watch.  All the way back to Richard Nixon. I think I have gotten to that age where I am comfortable in my political beliefs...
Big Sledding This Saturday
My friend Larson likes to put on events for the Veterans. This Saturday it's the 1st Classic Snow Show at Huntley Veterans Park. This event is put on by Citizens For Our Veterans. (aka Larson and Big Sky Auto) Should be a good show for a great cause...
State of the Union Speech
The ongoing news that is negative has reached a laughable point. Here is the latest one today. Here is the latest from a Norwegian golfer, just "in time" today.
More Road Trip
A bit back we took a road trip to Cody. It never seizes to amaze me the scenery on that trip. This is a picture of a Buffalo outside of a bank in town.
Future of New Lockwood High School
According to an architect leading the project, keeping a proposed Lockwood high school on the current school campus would save about $1 million as opposed to other options.
Couple Bums In Vegas
This is my friend Tim most people know him as Slimy. They say there is a reason for that name but I can only guess. I'm not sure I want to know the truth. But here we are at the Las Vegas Nascar Track last year. Won't be long and we will be there again...

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