Win Tickets To See Chicago This Week
Do you have your tickets yet for the show?  It's cool, we have them.  Listen to Sam and myself this week to win tickets.  Chicago will be performing with Earth, Wind & Fire next weekend at MetraPark.
This is sure to be a night filled with talented musicians, even if one of…
Hubba Hubba And Bones Arcade In The Studio
Hubba Hubba is the house band at Bones Arcade, so every other Friday you will have great music going on. Bones is the sponsor of the Hawk Studio so we thought it would be a good idea for Cain to come in and have a chat!
What Happens To Old Sound Men?
If you were ever in a band and had a big enough P.A., then you had a sound man. Well I'm guessing there is a sound man Heaven or Hell when time runs out on old sound guys, but when they are still on this earth they are just like the rest of us and just get old and crabby...
Queen Extravaganza Tribute Band Chosen by Roger Taylor
Queen‘s Roger Taylor has chosen the six young musicians pictured here in Brady Bunch fashion to serve as the band and singers for the 2012 Queen Extravaganza tour. (Guess that makes him “Michael,” huh?) After a nearly five-month long search for four musicians and tw…