How To Lose Money On eBay
My thrift store habit is beginning to cost me money. I'm always looking for something cool at a great price. Some things I keep and some I'm looking to sell. Recently I bought this Courvoisier Bar Rail Mat (the kind they have at bars to pour shots on) at St...
Woman Sells Her Soul on eBay for $2,000
A down-and-out New Mexico woman has put her “slightly used” soul up for auction on eBay. The starting price is only $2,000, which, if you think about it, is a great price for an immortal soul. Any takers?
The Doors Rare 1965 Acetate Sells For $3,650 on eBay
An ultra-rare, six-song Doors acetate from 1965 sold via eBay on Monday (Oct. 10) to the highest bidder at the hefty price of $3,650. This collector’s dream piece had some serious action during the auction, pulling in no less than 40 bids before the magic words “you&CloseCurlyQ…