Busy Time of Year
If you think July went fast, by the time Montana Fair is over, we're half way through August and then it's back to school time.
Report on Magic City Sports Released
Q2 reports that a consultant has concluded Billings should build three new youth and amateur sports facilities which would add millions to the local economy.
Victus Advisors Group has received nearly 850 responses from parents, participants, and coaches through a months-long study on the sports lands…
St. Patty’s Pub Golf Classic 2017
Saturday March 11, 2017 – starts at 10am
Grab your putter and get ready to party at the St. Patty’s Pub Golf Classic. Saturday March 11, 2017 we will be bar hopping all over Billings sinking putts and sipping drinks. 9 bars, 18 holes and a ton of fun...
5 Good Reasons to Set Goals
It’s been said that nobody ever accomplished anything worth accomplishing without first setting a goal. Goal-setting has been a valuable tool for everybody from billionaire businessmen to All-Star athletes. Heck, goal-setting even helped put men on the moon.
Surely a little goal-setting can help me w…
Hug Me- It’s “National Hug A DJ Day” August 2nd!
I am so happy and so pleased to tell you about my new favorite holiday.  It's one that is near and dear to my heart and I hope that you will celebrate it with me!  I bet you didn't know it, but it's National Hug A DJ Day" tomorrow, August 2nd! Will you come by and g…
Viva La Fiesta at South Park
The party is at South Park this Saturday and Sunday. Food, Entertainment, Beer Garden, Bike Show, Zumba Dancers, Games and a Raffle. Festivities begin at 10 am Saturday, July 23 until 8 pm, then kick up again on Sunday at 11 am.
Models ‘Grope’ and ‘Violate’ Golfers at Charity Event
An attempt to spice up a charity golf tournament in Australia with some sexy models has led to accusations that aren’t typically hurled at sexy models.
Darwin Life magazine, which was sponsoring the seventh hole, decided to staff their area with two scantily-clad representatives. (Not…