Is The Crime Rising In Billings?
It's getting really hard to not miss stories of major crime when it comes Billings' news sources.
It was long ago that a suspicious white powder was discovered in a building in downtown. Then there is the murders that are reported, followed by a guy running around on the West End shoot…
I Have a Beef With Facebook [Opinion]
There is a lot that comes with this job. Being socially active is a very big part of that. As you can probably tell, I spend a lot of time on Facebook both personally and professionally.
Even though I believe many of us spend too much time on these sites, if used in the right way, I believe they…
The Top 10 Hawk Facebook Post For 2015
What major events happened to you in 2015?  Was it a prosperous year?  A trying year?  Or a year filled with family?
Here's a look back at the Top 10 Hawk facebook posts from 2015. Here is what you liked, commented on and shared the most from our page...
Words that Hurt
Being a mom I am always reminding my children that how you act is extremely important and what you say is even more important.

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