Let’s Celebrate
It's Labor Day weekend.  There are plenty of things to do when you live in Montana, Camping, Fishing, BBQ, Family Picnics, Boating.  Unfortunately this year we have to deal with smoke and fires throughout the state as well.  I saw a statistic today that said close to 600,000 acre…
Is Fish Whispering Legal In Montana? [VIDEO]
Montanans spend many thousands of dollars on fishing gear every year. Apparently all you need is patience and some sort of Aquaman style abilities.
Watch this old guy pull out a monster bass with a couple of dead minnows.
You Gotta Love A Tireless Hunting Dog [VIDEO]
Okay, so this dog doesn't seem "tireless", but I bet he did when he was on this overnight expedition. I don't know that you'll be able to sit through all of this, but for those who have had some long hunting/fishing trips with man's best friend, you'll get…