Montana Fair

Montana Fair
Montana Fair returns to Billings August 11-19.  It's interesting how the fair means different things to people at different stages in their lives.  As kid it's all about the rides and food.  When your 6 years of age there are certain rides you won't go on...
You Know The Fair Is In Town When….
You know the Montana Fair is in town soon when you see the two giant poles that is part of the slingshot that makes you wet your pants.
You also know it is Montana Fair time when every truck on the road is being driven by a guy with a ten gallon hat and pulling a horse trailer...
Sublime With Rome Comes To The Montana Fair
The Montana Fair keeps getting better every year, and 2012 is no exception!
Those of us over here at The Hawk are pretty stoked to be able to welcome Sublime with Rome to Billings, Montana.
In fact were so excited about these guys coming to town that were giving away a bunch of tickets!