History of ‘Wayne’s World’ Bohemian Rhapsody Scene
Wayne's World. I know you've seen it and probably more than once. My favorite scene is them singing in the car and I think it is for many people. Rollingstone just published the Oral History of 'Wayne's World' Bohemian Rhapsody scene.
Did you know that Mike Myers fought for i…
The Day Freddie Mercury Died
Freddie Mercury was the face of Queen's wildly popular mixture of hard rock, pop, cabaret, glam and opera in the '70s, before becoming one the the AIDS virus' most well-known casualties in the '90s.
The Top 5 Queen Songs
This year Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody turns 40.  Forty years ago that song came out and it is still being covered today and people are still trying to be half the front man Freddy Mercury was.  After reading that the song was turning 40 I started to think...

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