10 Amazing Bathrooms From Around The World
The bathroom: it’s where you do your best thinking, so why not have a set-up that actually gets you inspired? From a solid gold toilet, to a World of Warcraft shower, these are the ten awesome bathrooms from around the world.
Eritera Is World’s Most Expensive Place to Buy Gas
Gas prices are utterly crazy!
Last week, the average cost of gasoline in the United States was $3.84. In places like Los Angeles, the price has jumped to $4.23 a gallon. These increases are correlated to conflicts in Middle Eastern oil-producing nations.
Two Suns By 2012…Are You Kidding Me?
Ok, so I just read this article off of and it is says that we could potentially have 2 suns (for a brief period of time) by 2012.  My first thought was "Awesome!" then, of course, I realize the implications.  That could get really, really hot, like really hot...