Las Vegas, Nevada, the City of Sin. Frankly I think we should just call it for what it is, The Land of Broken Bank Accounts and Abused Livers. But if someone asked me, "will you ever go back?"

My response would be, "F&*K YES!"

Here are a few things I learned from my vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    Go Big or Go Home

    Noting in Las Vegas is Done Half-Assed

    Perfect example is this GIANT video screen used in the sports betting area of the...I want to say Bellagio? It's hard for me to remember, I didn't take very many photos during this trip and the few that I did were random.

    I'm pretty sure that Las Vegas does this to distract us from realizing just how much money they're making off of us EVERY second!

    Courtesy of Joshua Price, Townsquare Media Billings
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    Las Vegas can be EXPENSIVE

    No seriously, VERY expensive.

    This isn't really a big secret or anything. But I wasn't aware of just how expensive Las Vegas can be if you've got the money to blow. I got talked into going to the club 'ACT' at the Venetian. We had gotten a "really good deal" on bottle service.

    It turns out that 'deal' amounted to about $800 (not including tip) for three bottles of mid-level vodka.


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    Room Service is Extensive

    You can order just about anything* from Room Service.

    And this picture is proof of that.

    *They informed that, while they would like to honor my requests, they were unable to provide me with an Elton John impersonator to play piano while I sat in a bathtub of Vodka.

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    VIP Doesn't Suck

    Paying for VIP in Clubs is a HUGE ego trip.

    So it turns out there is a reason while almost every rap video ever made features everyone hanging in the VIP lounges of clubs. It's REALLY freaking cool! You're treated like royalty, and there are attendants just standing there waiting for you to need something.

    Of course there is a huge trade off for this special attention. The bill, oh my...THE BILL!! We consumed three standard sized bottles of alcohol and our final bill was over $1,000. Needless to say that sobered everyone up pretty damn quickly.