That is unless you were a huge fan of a website in the early 2000's called Ebaumsworld was probably the grandfather of the reposting websites you see out in the World Wide Web today. They were well known for basically repurposing other people's original content and slapping an Ebaum's logo on it.

But there is one thing that came from that would forever go down in "Obscure Internet History". That momentous occasion was the release of the GI JOE PSAs. These PSAs were created by a production company called Fensler Films. Fensler Films took all of the old PSAs and edited and redubbed them into nonsensical and hilarious new :30 second spots. It's very likely that copied these videos from wherever they found them (this was long before the heyday of and distributed them on their own website.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my top 5 GI JOE PSAs (NSFW LANGUAGE):

#1 Ice

#2 Porkchop Sandwiches

#3 Help Computer

#4 Reggae Singer

#5 Motorcycle