Have you ever looked in your refrigerator to see what was left and not have everything you need to make one of the recipes you might normally produce? One night I turned macaroni, tomato sauce, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese into a poor man's lasagna mac n cheese bake thing and it was pretty good actually. I'm sure pigs in a blanket came from a similar situation where someone had Pillsbury biscuit dough and hotdogs kicking around. With white break, an apple some butter, sugar and a Panini press you can make a pretty decent apple turnover (albeit without the flaky crust).

Then today I went and had lunch at a "local downtown eatery" that has the best menu item that started out as a ghetto snack... The owner told me that one night at 3am him and his wife scoured the fridge for something to eat. They found Kraft Mac N Cheese, some leftover buffalo chicken strips and some bacon. From humble beginnings came one of my favorite dishes... The Red Rooster. What started out as a ghetto snack that is now one of your favorite dishes?