Everything is bigger in Texas. Everything is also heavier.

Mike Poursoltani is a senior at Pilot Point High School in Texas who just so happened to bench press 700 pounds last weekend, setting a new state record and coming dangerously close to shattering the NFL mark of 705 pounds by former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen.

Poursoltani’s feat is even more amazing when you consider he’s a mere 270 pounds – a good 55 less than Allen.

We know what you’re thinking: this kid is juicing so much he has Barry Bonds’ trainer on speed dial. Well, Poursoltani, appropriately nicknamed ‘The Freak Show,’ wants everyone to know he’s clean as the whistle you’re bound to let out when you watch him.

Poursoltani, who is a prospect to play college football, said, “If you need something to help you work out, you need to get out of the sport. If you can’t drive yourself that hard to come in here and work out, then it’s probably just not for you.”

About the only thing he does harder than work is eat. He scarfs down a half-dozen eggs each morning and gobbles up bacon, sausage and tuna like a shortage is coming any day now. He even had one recent dinner where he ate a pair of 16-ounce steaks.

Sounds like he can train by lifting all the food he piled on his plate.