Oh the happy couples, God bless them. You know the ones I'm talking about, the happy couple that thinks everyone else should be part of a happy couple, too. I'm not going to get all Grinchy on them. If you're in a loving relationship and it's the holiday season I get how it can feel  pretty magical.

But understand, that just because some of us are single, it doesn't mean we are unhappy.  In fact, quite the opposite of that. There's more than 10 reasons that being single during the holidays is a good thing.  But here's my first 10.

1.  No matching sweaters for holiday parties.

Oh, you want me to dress the same as you?  What year is this?

2.  No agonizing over a thoughtful, loving gift.

So you asked for a cocking gun but you really didn't want that?  I'm confused.

3. No faking that you loved his Christmas gift.

Hell, wasn't sure what that gift was last year anyway.

4.  No in-laws

Lord, will you ever be good enough?  No, just stop trying.

5.  More time with your family.

You get to talk to the cousins, aunts, uncle, you normally don't because you're introducing your new guy.

6. No awkward holiday photo for Christmas cards

Enough said!

7.  The freedom to kiss anyone under the mistletoe.

Because, why not!?

8.  Your traditions -- on your schedule

I'm now going to the movies and then attending a dinner.

9. Pie for Christmas dinner

Look, do what you feel.

10.  Lounging around in your sweats all day.

It's nice to do it with someone else but...your movies, your snacks, you get all the blankets.