Now that Christmas has come and passed us for 2023, we're on the way to 2024... and we're hungry!

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Whether you had the joy of spending the holidays surrounded by friends and family... or you were one of the many singles out there who got Chinese dinner, or cooked a quick meal at home, now you can venture back out with more places open once again for a great Breakfast!

My Favorite Spot

If I had to pick ONE place for breakfast here in Billings, it would be a tough sell. But, for my money, you just can't beat Stella's downtown. A VERY close second for me is Sassy Biscuit Company.

What are YOUR Favorites?

The question was posed on Reddit 2 days ago by user "lefty_porter"...

Visiting family from out of town… what’s the best breakfast spot? Bonus points if I can get a Bloody Mary.

I 100% get the need for a great beverage after the turmoil of the holidays. Here's what Reddit users had to say about THEIR favorite spots.

User Rootcellar44:

Tippy cow, Montana Jack's, Play Inn, Stella's, McCormick Cafe, Bernie's.

All great options for sure.

User Stale_LaCroix:

The answer is Bernie’s, Sassy Biscut or Sophie’s

User Cyphermoon699:

Sophie's Kitchen is my current go-to. The food is great and the service is always attentive and efficient.

I've yet to try Sophie's Kitchen, mainly as it is so far away from me in town, but I will for sure.

User Th0rn_Star:

High Horse is solid. Great food.

I agree. Love the food a LOT at the High Horse.

So... what's the #1 Spot according to Reddit?

That one is EASY. Reading through the comments, it is CLEARLY Stella's in Downtown Billings. And as you know, I agree.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with the best breakfast spot? What is your favorite? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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