Just announced by the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, Early Bird Registration is now open for the 2024 Girl Scout Summer Camps! Over 40 unique camp experiences, tailored to girls of all ages and interests.

What events can the kids expect?

Traditional activities are still around, along with some newer ones for 2024:

  • Tie-Dye Creation
  • Themed Outdoor Cookouts
    • Wilderness Warriors & Operation Mystery
  • Plus many opportunities for adventure, growth, and self-discovery

What do kids need to know to attend?

The theme for this year is "Find Your True North", and the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming invite all girls to join their journey of exploration and empowerment.

Girls do NOT need to be a current Girl Scout to attend camp.

Girl Scouts of Montana & Wyoming's Program and Camp Director Elizabeth Evens shared her excitement for the 2024 programs:

Finding your true north means discovering your passion, stoking the fires of creativity, and learning what drives us to be the best we can be.

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Girls can choose from a wide range of camps, all offering unique and fun activities suited to individual interests.

  • White Water Rafting Down A River
  • Mastering Outdoor Survival Skills
  • Harnessing the Beauty Of Nature With Art
  • And so much more!

How do I sign up the kids?

Registration is open NOW, with Early Bird pricing specials available until May 8th. Your early registration secures a spot for campers and offers savings on registration fees.

You can learn more about the Summer Camps offered by the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming at the link below.

Do You Remember These Girl Scout Cookie Flavors?

Can You Remember Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie growing up?

As much as we enjoy Girl Scout Cookies in 2023, we often miss the ones that we used to love growing up. Have you heard of my personal favorite Girl Scout Cookies that are now retired?

Shortbread cookies are always a win. This Girl Scout Cookie was dipped in chocolate and it also had a friendly message on it. It had the words "Thank You" on it.

Ole Oles
These powdered sugar cookies were delicious. They also had pecans and coconut mixed in and were reduced fat.

Lemon Chalet Creme
This was one of my favorite lemon cookies to ever exist. How could a lemon sandwich cookie ever go wrong? The added cinnamon and ginger made it one of a kind.

I remember that these cookies were named after the founder of The Girl Scouts, Juliette Low. It reminded me of a chocolate turtle with its being covered in caramel, pecans and milk chocolate.

Ra Ra Raisens
This was unlike your ordinary raisin cookie. This Girl Scout Cookie brought in oatmeal and yogurt chips with the raisins.

Savannah Smiles
This Girl Scout Cookie knew how to put a smile on your face. They were lemon wedge cookies with powdered sugar.

Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Your Favorite?

I loved the Girl Scout Cookies that were discontinued but also enjoy the present day one as well.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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