Montana Is At Good Odds For A UFO Sighting?
Here's a trip on the wild side for ya! Apparently, chances of seeing a UFO in Montana are higher than most states according to Casino.Org. They just calculated the chances of seeing a UFO in all 50 states and the Treasure State made the Top 10 list.
Well Good Morning
This is a picture my brother Dennis Talkington took the other morning when he woke up somewhere in Wyoming while he was on a ride pretty much across the country. Some things only God could make happen and I believe this is one of them. I hope you enjoy this picture I do have a couple more from my Wi…
Ah, the Thrill of Tunnels for Me
Back where I come from, there are a lot of tunnels in the bluffs along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers.
I am sure there are more here in Montana than I know about.
But not too long ago, my wife and I went to Cody and these are the tunnels on the way to Cody Dam...

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